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This is in reference with your letter dated (date) from your organization regarding the donation. First let me congratulate you for the wonderful work your organization has taken up. I was really impressed to read that your foundation has under taken to help those affected in the recent floods, and you provide food, clothes, and books to the needy.

It’s with great regret that I decline donating anything to the organization at this time. Believe me, I am really feeling bad at this time declining your request for donation as I had already donated to another organization who approached before you. They are also into a good cause and I gave them the funds.

I assure you that next year I would definitely donate to your organization as now I am not having enough funds because of the economic slowdown. Every year I make it a point that I donate some amount and this year I donated that to ________ organization.

I am extremely sorry about this and hope that you get enough funds from others for your cause and wish you all success.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,




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