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College Donation Letter Sample

This is a college donation letter sample. These kind of letters need to be represented properly. These letters are basically formal in nature. The data or the content of such letters should be good and should be short. The data of the letter should create a positive impact on the reader of the letter. Moreover the tone in which the letter should be written must be polite and positive. The letter should be written in a requesting tone.


Mr. Ricky Martins,




(Subject)- College donation letter sample.

Dear Mr. Ricky,

I am Tom Little the manager of ABC social service group. Our group is a well established group and we work to serve the people. We are not for profit concern. We believe to serve the poor and needy people. We have built many schools and colleges in the backward areas so that education will be available to everyone and thus the literacy ratio will increase.

Now we have many plans to be fulfilled in near future. We have many projects of building schools and colleges. We are almost ready with the plans and policies of the various projects that we are going to do. For all these factors we require fund. Thus we hope that you will give us a helping hand. We assure of proper utilisation of your money.

Your’s sincerely,

Tom Little.

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