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Donation Follow up Letter

In this letter the committee member is notifying the company to join the cause as soon as possible. And also telling the benefits company would get if it contributes to the noble cause.

Mr. John Marshall

Committee member,

Blossoms trust Company,

Grant lane

Sub: Request for donation

Dear Mr. Robinson

Further to my prior association with you dated on 18th January 2010 concerning about the donation for a noble cause of helping the handicaps to live their life without any problems been faced, I have not yet received your affirmation for this cause.

I would like to replicate again the remuneration that you and your company can gain by being a part of this noble cause. As notified you prior to, your company will earn lots of profits and also achieve a great status in the world of business. The mass media would be featuring all the plus points of the company supporting the noble cause.

If you have any problems or doubts related to this cause or any event of the cause you can contact us on the numbers given to you earlier without any uncertainty. I am looking forward for your reply. Do reply soon.

Yours truly,

Mr. Robin hood

Blossoms Trust Company

Grant lane.

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