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Silent Auction Donation Letter

This is a silent auction donation letter. In these kind of letters the content of the letter should be good. The sole motive behind writing this letter is to obtain monetary benefit. Donations are to be obtained that is why these kind of letters are written. the tone of such kind of letters should be positive and polite. The representation of these letters should be done properly.


Mr. Tony Martins,




(Subject)-Silent auction donation letter.

Dear Mr. Tony,

Hello, my name is Mr. Henry Roaster. I am the member of Help organization for the poor people. Our group is a service oriented group. We would like to bring to your notice that every year we organise a auction on the paintings made by poor artists. These paintings are made by those people who are very poor and belong to a very backward area.

These paintings are auctioned and fund is collected out of it. This fund afterwards is used for the welfare of the poor people. The poor people are given clothes, food, medicines out of it. This we are requesting you to attend the auction and help us. your little help can make thousands of people smile.

We hope you will consider our letter and attend the auction and help mankind.

Your’s faithfully,

Henry Roaster.

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