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Letter to Ask For an Investment

A letter requesting investment in a business activity or development is a formal letter written by one individual to somebody whom he might want to invest in his or her company. Such letters are typically written by individuals who might be facing a shortage of funds themselves, but who do not want to discontinue the business. These letters are ideal for those who have the funds but who are facing a shortage of innovation or creativity or the correct vibe that they might be looking for in a business. A letter requesting investment might just be the thing for both the writer and the recipient if the letter falls in to the right hands.

Some tips to write a good investment requesting letter:

  1. Always be polite and appeasing. Do not come across as too confident or sure of the business’s success. Make it obvious that you have the potential, but lack only the resources to hone the potential and to give good results.
  2. Have the details of the business ready. Be clear with those details. Do not confuse the reader much. Make the details appear to be simple enough to improve or understand, thus convincing the reader that investing in such a business would be a good idea.
  3. Make your idea of business stand out by mentioning your strong points, your ideas, your creativeness and individuality. This will also help get across a positive and dedicated vision of yourself to the recipient.

Letter to Ask For an Investment Sample










Subject: Requesting investment

Dear Mr../Ms_____,

I heard of your willingness to fund any creative business a while ago, and I now have a requirement of capital that I’m unfortunately unable to accrue from my own assets. I’m therefore requesting you to kindly invest in my company and become a shareholder in my profits, which, I assure you, are ambitious and well-earned and respectable.

I started my business three years ago and have worked hard to make it a success. However, a businessman like you will definitely know how setbacks can affect the workings and functioning of the business and how necessary it is to get funds when they are needed the most.

I therefore request you to please come forward and invest in my company. In order to give you a more comprehensible version of my company’s work ethics and achievements, I have attached a printout with this letter that you may read and understand how it is that I and my team have been functioning and accomplishing tasks over the years.

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,


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