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Army Promotion Letter of Recommendation


Army promotion recommended letters used to be written in influential tune. Perhaps it is thought mandatory while putting something in written. In above promotion letter, senior ranked army personal referred some of his senior for procedural requirement of promotion to him.

Date: 06 Aug 2010

Memorandum for Commander Indian Army Punjab Regency,

House No.3-3-3/2,

25th street Lauki Galli,



[Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Surender Singh

It is the sign of enthrall pleasure for me to recommend surrender Singh for the post of commander in Indian army for Punjab regency. I am as senior of him for last two years referring him for pending promotion to discussed rank due to his professional caliber and fortitude set pattern of behavior. All of his peers have the same statement as to how I portrayed him in with verses. His trainers, motivators, peers and student are much happier on him as of his professional attitude.

It has been observed that he is the man with exceptional qualities and prowess that’s why he can deal with any situation out tough ones so easily. He posses a breadth and depth of technical expertise, which used to be come into view so rarely. His personal attributes favor him to be continuing the journal of leadership.

I am pursuing him that he will be successful in any endeavor.

If I may be of further assistance, please contact me at Bharath Rakshak Punjab regency or via email at promotions@indianarmy.com

Promotions Department,

Indian Army,


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