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Promotion Recommendation Letter


Promotional recommendation in official environment of privatize organizations used to be written with distinctive approach to other letters. Recommendations letters serve for taking the responsibility of other person for his all good and bad. However, it encourages to referral based promotion and recruitment.

Mr. Amit Mittal,

Executive Director,

Head Office,

Matrix Solutions,

New Delhi.

Dear Mr. Mittal,

It would prefer to take the opportunity to recommend Mr.Adiya rao for the position of senior executive of matrix solutions hyderababad branch. It had good experience with adiya, and knows him well in terms of his technical expertise for last three years. However, it personal feels about him that he is deserving candidate for the post of project manager.

Aditya performed well on the seat of assistant tech support; with his highly technical knowledge over the subject and prowess abilities in his work, afterwards he was appointed on the seat of senior engineer. I assure you about him for having all good skills required to perform complicated tasks. Thence, he was promoted as team leader. He proved his mettle with every steeping stone. He overleaf with incredible leadership characteristics. Despite of all technical knowledge that he possesses. He is the wonderful personality with full enthusiastic, inspiring and motivational leadership aspects. I believe in his qualities and abilities with respect to working nature in the practice these days into market. I highly recommend aditya rao for the responsible post a project manager and hope that you will carefully consider this letter of promotion.



Senior Executive Officer

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