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Resignation Letter Writing

Summary: This is a brief with some tips on how a resignation letter should be written to convey the professionalism in the leaving employee to the organization without any negative impacts on both parties. This is beneficial especially to the leaving employee who may need the referral or the future businesses of the company.

It need not be difficult to write a good resignation letter even though it is possibly the final formal documentation from the employee to the organization. Thus, it is essential to keep the tone of the letter neutral or positive as it would be archived in the company’s files.

The format of the resignation letter is formal and brief besides being concise. It should state the resignation’s effective date, the current position in the company and the last working date at the company.

A line of appreciation can be expressed for the guidance and support given by the company, as it is crucial to depart with a polite tone and professionalism. This is beneficial to the leaving employee who may need a reference from the company in the future as well as in business networking opportunities. ‘Bridges’ should not be burned unnecessarily when exiting a company’s employment.

Giving the employer a non-threatening reason for leaving will help the organization be more understanding and sympathetic towards your decision. If you are resigning due to some conflict, it is recommended to follow the format of a Resignation Letter with Complaint.

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