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Early Retirement Letter

Summary: Sometimes, it becomes difficult to continue a job due to some personal reasons and due to which, an employee opt for early retirement. In this letter, the employee wants early retirement and offers his thanks to the company for the support provided.

Mr. Sam Bell

Vice President- Sales

International Visions Ltd.

Dear Mr. Bell,

I would like to inform you through a letter that I wish to retire early from my position of General Manager – Sales with International Visions Ltd. I wanted to give you a notice regarding this. The reasons of my retirement are entirely personal and not related to company. I have decided to be back to New York, where my family lives. I live all alone in London. It is getting difficult on my part to live, as I want to spend maximum time with my kids and wife.

I have worked for 12 years in the company and did several important projects. The organisation always provided me huge support and respect. I have some of the best moments of my life spent over here. However, there is huge excitement as I am going to join my family.

I am always there if you need me, please call me on 3234 537 5438

Wishing all the success and growth to International Vision Ltd.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. John Kemp

General Manager- Sales


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