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Early Retirement Letter


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Dear Name,

This is to inform you that dated __________ I would be retiring from my services as the general manager after 15 years of service I understand it’s an early retirement but I am taking this decision because I want to be with my family. I have spent most of my like alone and would like to join my family and start a small business of my own. I had a wonderful experience in ___________ company and will always cherish the me ravel moments spent with you and other staff members, I had a peaceful and exciting carrier in the past and I am sure I can put all the experiences I gained in my new business.

I thank one and all for you support and cooperation during my tenure. It was a hard decision to take as I still have some years of my tenure remaining but I realized that I also need to be with my family and kids. I am excited to join them but I will me missing you all.

If you need any assistance or information please feel free to contact me at ____________.

Wish you all and ___________ Company a success in future.


Your Name.


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