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Appreciation Letter to Conference Speaker

The objective of writing this letter is to extend your appreciation to your speaker who has delivered a meaningful speech at the conference. There are times in our professional lives, when we need to seek advice from the experts. For this purpose, various organizations arrange a conference in which an expert can deliver his views which can prove helpful as well as beneficial to the people who are listening and they can then easily take decisions on professional front.

  • Firstly it is vital to extend your appreciation in a sincere and professional way as you are writing this letter to a person of high dignity.
  • Tone of the letter should be formal and polite.
  • You must clearly mention in your letter as how you got benefitted after listening to him.
  • Once you are through writing the letter, please recheck the same for amendments, if needed.

Appreciation Letter to Conference Speaker Template

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Date (Date on which letter is written)





Dear Mr. _______________ (Name of the person),

It was a pleasure for us and for our ears to hear such a wonderful speech on _____________ (Topic) during the conference at ____________ (Location). The points which you covered were so interesting that it has opened our eyes as well as minds. We will definitely incorporate the same in our daily lives.

I truly appreciate the way you covered each and every topic in detail and also cleared our doubts on the same. I, once again, would like to express my sincerest gratitude towards you for such a commendable job and hope to get a chance to hear such motivational speeches from you in future also.

Yours Sincerely’




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Appreciation Letter to Conference Speaker Sample, Email and Example/Format



Mr. Abraham John

VP (Marketing)

R & S Associates


Date (Date on which letter is written)


Albert Joseph

Pinnacle Advertising


Sub: Letter of appreciation

Dear Mr. John,

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude towards you for your motivational speech during the conference held in collectorate.  Your views on developing an efficient marketing strategy and its execution have really broadened our horizons. Please accept our appreciation for such a commendable job. We will definitely take your words into practice. You have covered all important elements of marketing strategy and your description on how to execute it is remarkable.

I once again would like to thank you for such a wonderful speech and hope to get a chance to hear such speeches from you in future also.

Yours sincerely’


Albert Joseph


Email Format

Business is a workplace where people are so much busy with their work that they can think is nothing other than work. To get the business running successfully, the project holder has to give lots of representations which are highly appreciated by the colleagues who attend the conference. Conference is the place where all the departmental staffs get together to discuss on a certain important matter which would prove to be the best decision taken by the whole staff.

Dear Israel,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your very active participation in our national seminar just concluded at the collect orates. The Chairman and Board Members have also asked me to pass on their sincere appreciation for your efforts in supporting the Seminar in this important undertaking.

Your skill in talking about different angles of the subject ‘Human Rights’ Was very much appreciated by those representing all sides of that extremely sensitive topic. As well, we have received numerous post ­conference requests for the paper you delivered. It appears that you may have penned a best­seller with that one!

Yours Truly,


Derrick D. Smith


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