What is an interview letter?

An interview letter is a letter that is written by an employer in order to invite job applicants for facing an interview. This letter is written to the candidates whose job applications have passed the initial screening stage. In the official letter pad of the company, such a letter can be written. The importance of an interview letter cannot be ignored by an employer and also by the job seeker. The candidates whose resume is most convincing can receive such a letter.

What are the basic requirements of an interview letter? If you get an answer to this question, then it can become easy for you to draft a letter. The format and layout of an interview letter remain same like that of any business letter. It is important for you to be professional while mentioning any comments or while showing your gratitude. When it comes to an employment or career, an interview letter plays a very crucial role.

Elements of an interview letter

Here are the few elements which your interview letter must possess:

  • It is important to mention few details about the candidate related to its name and address.
  • Always send such a letter to the present address of a recipient.
  • Ensure that the address you enter inside and the one that you enter in an envelope are the same.
  • If required, you can also mention the present and permanent address of a recipient on top of an interview letter.
  • In such a letter, it is essential for you to clearly mention the time, day and date of an interview.
  • Clearly state the place or a venue, where an interview is held.
  • What all documents you want an interviewee to submit? Mention details about those documents in your interview letter.
  • These documents can be like experience certificate, academic certificate, photographs, birth certificate etc.
  • Are you going to offer a transporting allowance to an interviewee? If yes, then do mention it in your interview letter.


Do’s of an interview letter

  • Do write such a letter on the letterhead of the company.
  • Do send such a letter in a typed form and not in a written form.
  • Do keep your letter crisp, because it is an official communication between you and the prospective employee.
  • Do mention the date on which the letter is issued.
  • Do mention the date, time and venue of an interview session.
  • Do clarify details about the document that you want an interviewee to bring.
  • Do address, such a letter in the full name of a recipient.
  • Do draft, such a letter in a professional manner because it is going to be the first communication between you and a recipient.
  • Do make use of formal official language, while drafting such a letter.
  • Do write an interview letter, well in advance.


How to write your post-interview letter?

Did your job interview went well? Are you feeling relieved finally? Good, that you successfully accomplished the interview process. Next, what? How about writing a post-interview letter? It can be a great idea and can allow you to stand different in a crowd.

  • If you are sending a post-interview letter, then it is advisable for you to send a hard copy of a letter rather than, mailing it. Definitely, emailing documents and letters is widely accepted, but sending a hard copy can allow you to stand out in the crowd.
  • The post-interview letter should be posted promptly, in order to create a good impression. If you can send such a letter today, then pull it to the next week. For instance, if your interview was taken in the morning then you can post the letter on that day itself so that employer can easily find it on the desk, the very next day.
  • In a post-interview letter, you should make use of simple language that is readable. For instance, don’t make use of the word fortuitous instead of the word fortunate or egregious instead of the word serious.
  • Divide your letter in an appropriate paragraph, so that a reader can find it easy to read your letter. Each and every paragraph you add should be meaningful. Maintaining proper white space in your letter can make it easy for a reader to skim it quickly.
  • You can add a personalized touch to your letter by writing the name of an interviewer instead of the company name.
  • After an interview, when you plan to write such a letter, it is advisable to make the reasonable promises. Understand that, showing your capability is a different thing and on the other hand, making fake promises is wrong.
  • Did you find any moment in the interview that didn’t go properly? If yes, then you can clear your side of story or point in such a post-interview letter.
  • According to you, the skills and responsibilities which were important for an interviewer can be mentioned again in your post-interview letter.
  • How was your interviewer? How was his or her nature? Keep his or her presence in mind while writing any kind of the post-interview letter.
  • It is advisable to get such a letter typed, instead of writing a hand-written letter.
  • Make use of warm and friendly style to write such a letter. You can also include a hand-written P.S. in such a letter.


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