What is an Order Letter?

Anyone can write an order letter, then be it any company or an individual. This type of a letter is written by the concerned authorized person who wants to place an order or place a purchase request to an another company. If you are planning to write an order letter, then first it is important for you to carry out some research work related to desired products or services. Having detail information can provide you with the clear picture of placing on order via order letter.

It is important for you to know the details about the term “order”. If you are placing an order, then it is an expense to you and if you are receiving an order, then it is an income to you. There are lots of commitments involved with this type of a letter and so it is important to draft it carefully. There are several things, which can be included in an order letter like order details, quantity, quality, delivery time, after sales services etc. You should write an order letter, only when the detailed study is done from your side related to the goods.

Before drafting an order letter, it is important for you to write down the terms and conditions related to purchases that can be beneficial to both the parties.

Factors to consider while drafting an order letter

Now you know, that the order letter is the one that conveys the message for a supply of goods. The formal request is placed related to the supply of goods, in this type of a letter. It is the formal way of carrying out the communication between a buyer and the seller.  Here are the few factors that you need to consider while drafting an order letter:

  • It is essential for you to include the detail description of the goods that are to be ordered.
  • You should be specific while mentioning the delivery time in such a letter.
  • You should provide detail information about the product while adding product specifications.
  • The product specification can be related to many things like colour, style. Size, quality etc.
  • What is the mode of transportation you prefer to have? What is the mode of payment you prefer to have? Give the answers to these questions in your order letter.
  • Are there any discount factors involved? If yes, then mention details about it in an order letter.
  • Make a formal request at the end of a letter related to asking for a timely delivery.
  • Also, mention the desired receipt date and the shipping location.

When it comes to adding the information about the items, you need to add few things like:

  • Name of the product
  • Product brand name
  • Required quantity
  • Catalogue number
  • Weight of the product
  • Model number of the product
  • Add unit price
  • Mention size and colour details

How to write an order letter?

  • Make use of the business letterhead to compose this type of a formal letter.
  • It is advisable to make use of the standard business format while drafting such a letter.
  • Write the short letter in a concise manner by adding all honest facts.
  • The body of such a letter can be divided into three paragraphs.
  • It is important to add the date and mention the subject line.
  • Never add too many things in a subject line. Write it in a short and meaningful way.
  • Include formal salutation and address your letter directly to the concerned person.
  • What are your needs? On the basis of your needs, you can add the brief description about the consignment.
  • Add consignment related details like product code, delivery date, amount to be paid etc.
  • If you need more services or products, then provide clear details about each and every product as well as services.
  • It is essential to handle the money matters with the utmost care.
  • Mention the facts related to the advance payments, if any.
  • Have you asked for the samples before? If yes, then are you happy with the provided samples? It is essential for you to mention the details about it, in your letter.
  • Add essential details about the payment structure and the mode of payment.
  • Add details about the terms and conditions for which you have agreed, in the order letter.
  • Add your contact information, so that the recipient can find it easy to get in touch with you when required.
  • If you want to give any kind of reminder, then give it in the last paragraph.
  • You can also highlight the most important facts related to the order, in this letter.
  • Be thankful to the recipient, while closing a letter.

Format of an order letter

  • Date
  • Name of the sender
  • Name of the company
  • Street address
  • City and zip code
  • Name of the recipient
  • Subject line
  • Salutation
  • Body of the letter
  • Closing of the letter
  • Closing salutation
  • Signature
  • Your name
  • Name of the company

Seal your letter properly and place a stamp.

Tips for writing an order letter

When it comes to a business deal, it is important for you to get a better response and this can be done when your formal communication is done in an appropriate way. Here are the few tips that you need to consider while writing a formal order letter:

  • Follow proper business letter writing format, while writing such a letter.
  • Create a memo that is clear and easy to understand.
  • Make use of right font style and size.
  • In the opening paragraph of the letter, you need to mention the purpose of writing a letter.
  • In the middle paragraph of the letter, you should add some comprehensive instructions like quantity, mode of payment, order number, delivery date, payment structure etc. Pen down all the terms and conditions in the middle paragraph.
  • Add clear instructions about the deadline in the closing paragraph. Mention details regarding an execution of the order in the closing paragraph.
  • Add notation related to the enclosures.
  • Proofread your letter carefully, before submitting it.

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