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Books Donation Letter

This letter is written to tell all the people that the blossoms charity has started a new books donation programme for all the rural and remote areas of our country. And

Also to request them to donate all the books which are of n use to them for such a good cause.

Dear friends and Family,

As inventiveness by Blossoms Trust Charity establishment for all the deprived and illiterate people in the rural areas and the remote corners of our country we are collecting some books and novels for them all. So that we can make them learn and understand the studies very well.

Our charity trust Is working all over India for such neglected and unfortunate people.  so we are currently planning to make them all literate so that they can earn their own livelihood.

To help us with such activity, I on behalf of my whole tem plead you to donate all the books which you have but is no more for your use or for your any family member. We are looking forward for all kind of novels to rhyming books.

For further detail of how to donate and all you can contact me on my number without any hesitation. Looking forward for your response.

Yours truly,

Mr. John Smith

Blossoms charity trust.

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