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Decline Request for Donation

This is a decline letter for donation. The letters of donation are entirely formal in nature. They are written to obtain monetary help from someone. The decline for request letter means the request for donation was made and the person who is going to donate is rejecting the request. The rejection of the request can be because of many reasons. Thus such kind of letters should be represented properly.


Mr. Mike Peterson
Organization of Social service

Dear Mr. Peterson:

I received your letter request a donation to your organization two days ago. I was really impressed with the good work that you are doing to serve the people. I commend you for your work, but I am currently unable to donate to your cause for financial reasons.

I regret to inform you that I’m not able to help you this time, but I will keep your organization in mind should I be in a better position financially in the future. I hope that your work and success will continue.

Best Wishes,

Adam Stuards

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