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Decline Request for Donation

The decline letter is meant to specify as to why a request for a donation has been turned down and the reasons underlining it. The reason can be stated or it can be rejected on general terms. It depends on the mentality and attitude of the person who writes the letter. The letter can adopt the tone of a positive language and friendly spirit but at the same time no compromise should be made on its formal nature

  • The letter should be polite and apologetic
  • It should clearly state or hide the reason for rejection
  • The tone of the letter can be either pacification or neutral
  • If pacification, you can mention future scope for cooperation
  • If, neutral you can directly state the points and leave it

Decline Request for Donation Template

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Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject – _______________________(Mention the purpose)

Respected _______(Name of the authority)

I Mr./Mrs. _______(name of the donor) is writing this letter in response to the one you have sent across to me last month for donation. Let me express my thankfulness for your kind heartedness to consider me as a well wisher of yours. But I am sorry to say that I cannot help you at this stage. In future let us hope that on some occasion we can mutually cooperate

Thanking you.


Name and signature

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Decline Request for Donation Sample, Email and Example/Format











Subject: Decline request for donation

Respected Sir/Madam,

I appreciate the charity work carried out by your organization and I am all the more happy to note that in several parts of the country such works are carried out without any hindrance. It gives me pleasure to be considered as a well wisher but at the same time express my apology not to become a part of the project which is currently running. It is on account of some business problems. My company is under financial crunch and we are striving hard to overcome it. Let me hope that in future there may be occasions that prompt me to associate with you in some way. Hope to contact you soon in future course of time.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Sas

Email Format


Mr. Mike Peterson
Organization of Social service

Dear Mr. Peterson:

I received your letter request a donation to your organization two days ago. I was really impressed with the good work that you are doing to serve the people. I commend you for your work, but I am currently unable to donate to your cause for financial reasons.

I regret to inform you that I’m not able to help you this time, but I will keep your organization in mind should I be in a better position financially in the future. I hope that your work and success will continue.

Best Wishes,

Adam Stuards

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