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Donation Letter for Children

In this letter all the people who can afford their livelihood are requested to donate anything possible to the committee for all the children who are living without family and are not that lucky to get educated. So all the people are pleaded to donate something with all their blessings.

Mrs. Mary Lewis

Fund raising committee member,

Blossoms charity trust,

Grant road.

Dear friends and family,

At this period of time every year we arrange some cultural programmes but this time we have planned to donate some books, novels, toys, games or money for all the poor children in the Ketri orphanage in our area.

I recommend you to please donate all the possible things for such deprived and unfortunate children of the orphanage. All the donation related forms are enclosed in this letter.

If any qualms regarding this you can mail me at cutipie@gmail.com or call me at my number without any hesitation. You can also visit our website for further details.

Yours truly,

Mary Lewis

Blossoms Charity Trust.

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