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Donation Receipt Letter Sample

Donation receipt sample letter is the acknowledgement letter for receiving the amount of donation that you asked for either in the form of money or in kind. This is just a thanks giving letter and at the same time acknowledging the person that you have received the needful.

  • The tone of the letter should be polite
  • Our should make note of thanks in the letter
  • The letter should specify the date, amount and others, if any in the letter
  • The letter should specify further notifications in this regard to the donor
  • The letter should specify your availability and contact details for any clarifications regarding this at any time

Donation Receipt Letter Sample Template






Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject – _______________________(Mention the purpose)

Respected _______(Name of the donor)

This is to act as a token of receipt for the amount you so kindly contributed to our project.

I am _____ (Your Name) working as a part of the _________ (project name) is writing this letter for the purpose of spreading the message of literacy in our district that lag behind in it in comparison to other parts of our state. The efforts will definitely going to give a positive direction to our project and it is with the help and support of people like you that such projects gain social momentum and success.

Hope you will extend your full cooperation in this noble work

Thanking you.


Name and signature

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Donation Receipt Letter Sample Sample, Email and Example/Format











Subject: Donation receipt letter

Respected Sir/Madam,

It is to kindly thank you for your prompt reply and assistance in the form of donation for our organization’s efforts to spread the message of literacy through our district which in fact laggedd behind in it in comparison to the other districts of our state.

The fund which we received from you with thanks will be utilized to its full in order to spread the message of literacy in our district and its allied assignments to make the message come alive among the people of the area thus making it grand success. In fact people like you are the torchbearers of such movement. It will go a long way in acing as the torchbearer for all those people and projects who need social upliftment through such programmes. Hoping that you will continue your benevolent support to such social programmes in future too. Our organization will be at your disposal to clarify any doubts arised therein with regard to the momentum of such a project and its success.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Sas

Email Format


Mr. Anthony Little,



(Subject)- Donation receipt letter sample.

Dear Mr. Anthony,

I am writing this letter to you today on behalf of our social organization that is the Help organization. We are very happy to receive your donation of $900. We are writing this letter to you in response of the donation that you made to us. last week you gave us a cheque. The cheque is cleared and we have send you the receipt for the money so that it will be in your record.

We are very thankful to you that you have considered our request and helped us. we will now use your money for the betterment of the poor and the needy people. We also assure you that your money will not be used for wrong purpose it will be surely used for a good purpose. The accounts of all the expenses made will be made available to you to see.

Your’s sincerely,

Smith Jones.

Donation Receipt Letter Sample Generator

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