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Effective Donation Letter

This is a effective donation letter. The content of such kind of letters should be explained in a short manner. No one has got time to read the letters with big content. Thus the letter should be short and effective in its nature. The letter should be written in such a way that the reader of the letter should get impressed after reading the letter.

The tone of the letter must be kept soft and polite.


Mr. Tom Jones,



(Subject)- Effective donation letter.

I am a member of the ABC group. our group is a not for profit group. In our group we all work without the motive of profit. We are a well established group since 5 years. We believe in our work of serving the poor people and the needy people. Every year we take up some activities for the people. This year also we are going to do so.

This year we are going to organise a medical help camp in the backward area. This camp will be organised in such area where the people need it the most. The people of backward areas need medical help more and thus we are trying to do so. That is why we need donation from you.

Your money will be used for a good cause. I hope you will consider my letter.

Your’s sincerely,

Adam Riddle.

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