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Sample Donation Thank You Letter

This is a sample donation thank you letter. Such kind of letters is formal in nature. The representation of such letters is to be done properly. The language in these kinds of letters should be very friendly. The tone used should be positive. The donation thank you letter is written for thanks giving. It is written to that person you has given donation.


Mr. Anthony Lara,

78- road,



(Subject)- Sample donation thank you letter.

Dear Mr. Anthony,

We are writing this letter to you from the bottom of our heart. Two months before we wrote a letter to you for a request to give donation to us. You immediately considered our request and you did the needful. It was a great help from your side. We were really in need of funds and donations.

We wanted to conduct a medical camp for our members but were unable to conduct due to low funds. But now from your help we will be able to do so. We really thank you for helping us. we assure you that your money will be used for a good purpose. We will also like to call you to attend various our functions. Your donation of Rs.   5,00,000 will really help us for our development purposes.

Thanking you,

Your’s sincerely,

Robin Marshalls.

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