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Invitation Letter

Art lovers throughout the world miss no opportunity in viewing the works of famous artists. A free invitation is something which no art lover will forgo. Here the art gallery is sending invitation to its entire patron for the forthcoming art exhibition.

Here is a sample invitation to attend an exhibition letter:


The Caretaker,

Saks Art Gallery,



Mr. Marc Mathews

House no- 50,

Orchid Apartments,

7h Revenue,

New York

21st June, 2010

Dear Mr. Mathews,

The Saks Art Gallery is holding its annual exhibition of the works of the famous artists of the Reninassance period. There will be works of the contemporary artists also. We have recently acquired works of some renowned painters, which will also be on exhibit.

As we are well aware that you are an avid follower of art, old or new, we are sending you the invitation for the exhibition. You will also get to meet the artist of various forms as some of them have consented to be present for the two days from 4.00 to 5.00 p.m. Hope you will avail this golden opportunity.

Thanking you,

With Regards,

Saks Art Gallery

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