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Sample Christmas Party Invitation Letter

Summary: A Christmas party invitation letter is a personal letter that expresses happiness in celebrating the holidays. After all, Christmas is the season where people experience true happiness and families and friends come to see each other again. This letter must be able to convey the excitement of the person sending the invitation. To write a good invitation letter, here is a sample letter that you can follow.


Sofia Mitchells,

Grand Apartelle,


20th December 2009.

Dear Sofia,

It is our honor to invite you to attend our (Christmas Party) at the (Summer Gardens) on (22nd of December, 2009) at (12 noon). It is Christmas time once again and we can not let this season pass without seeing you. You have been very special to us and we have pepared for this party for a couple of months. Please bring wih you your husband and your kids so we can all have fun. We have prepared a couple activities that for sure each of us will enjoy. We will be giving gifts for you as our way of thanking you for there for our family as well.

It is our wish that you will be able to find time for this said party. Please be in your most comfortable attire, just make yourself ready to play the games that we have prepared.

Hoping to see you on that day. Merry Christmas!

Sincerely Yours,

Leah Cruz

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