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Letter Asking For Promotion

After working with a firm for some time a person desires a promotion. The promotion is a way of expressing, appreciation for the work done by the person in the firm. Sometimes it is granted by the management without asking for it. If it is not so then a person can write a formal request for it. It should contain all the high points of his career with the firm.

Here is a sample letter asking for promotion:


Sarah Jones

House no- 45,

Central Park Lane,

Orchid Palm Complex,

New York


The Management Committee

Blue Chip Company,

Sigma Building,

New York

22nd June 2010

Ref: Request to grant promotion from the post of Assistant Manager

Dear Sir,

Through the advertisement in the local newspaper I came across that our company is in need of person to head the Designing and Layout Dept. I would like to forward my application for the same.

I have a degree in Graphic Designing and I have been working in the department for the past 3 years. I was actively involved in the 3 major projects that our company had undertaken in these years.

I was personally responsible for the project that we completed successfully, last month for which I was given the best employee award. I, thus feel that I am now ready to take on new responsibilities and more challenging projects. This will help me to use my creativity to the maximum and give our company more benefits.

I hope my candidature for the post will be considered.

Thanking You,

Yours truly,

Sarah Jones

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