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Promotion Letter for Manager


Promotion letter for manger used to be written with intentions to make him informed about promotion. Managers used to be given extra incentives and hope for getting incentive only if you become agreeable on what it is given to you.

Date: 6th Aug 2010

Nancy J. Quintanilla


State Bank of America,

Newyork Branch.

Dear Ms Quintanilla,

It is pleasure to announce that you have been going to be promoted on the seat of general manager of state bank of India Hyderabad. It hasn’t been decided over the night but management discussed your promotional matter within rules.

We checked your employee record that is showing your long tenured service with SBI for 30 years. It has been observed that you have vast experience to be selected on the given seat. management don’t have trust on anybody in a case, We have complete trust in you, that you will make the complete use of the opportunity given to you and will justify the responsibility of the position and also the confidence placed on you by the management, by contributing substantially to the organization as you have done in the past.

It is to be discussed the revision of your salary plus date of joining and other requirements.


Stanley S. Miller


State Bank of America.

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