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Promotion Letter Reply

Summary: it is necessary to reply the promotion letter that you have got.many times one cannot come up with the right words so if that is the problem and this letter will show you the right way to reply to the promotion letter.

Herbert A. Eley

3396 Confederate Drive
Utica, NY 13502

Managing Director,

VAM Poly frames.

Dear Mr. Herbert,

It is to inform you that business proposal proposed by you have been approved for further necessary operations. It is really a honor for us to work with you we have studied and verified your company background and you will show happiness the result made by positive results. On other hand, your company is proved to have provided, a high-level persona life and was quite impressive.

We are dealing in consultancy services since long time ago now our company has earned the highest number of contract from people. We provide the best and most appropriate labor to the company they are best feasible.

As you know we have been working with many companies, which are pre-eminent in their fields from IT industry to pharmaceuticals from electronics to software, we provide labor.

The contract details and the terms and conditions of our company would be discussed further in the meeting ahead.

Thanking you.


Ma Foi Consultancy.

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