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Sales Promotion Letter


Sales promotion letter used to be written for the sake of expanding sales revenues. one offers his services to other one via encouraging to him for business activity. therefore it is quite essential to write different promotional letter so that things can be done in better way.

Karen R. Bracken

3261 Spirit Drive
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Dear Ms Karen,

One isn’t supposed to receive wonderful news on each day so hold you breed for the moments before you take this letter in the hands. You need not to get shocked as postman around 12th bakers street with ticket for two for the world trip.

We already have set the criteria for taking winner for the current event. it is noticeable that you are our regular customer. We have collaboration with zippy, which will plan to send people out of country. You should end your preparation and hold bag in hands

All you need to do is subscribe for an annual issue of our magazine for just $50 and you can be the lucky winner of the grand trip.

Thanks & Regards,

Herbert A. Eley

Chairman of World magazine.

Date: 06 Aug 2010

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