What is the Sorry Letter?

Accepting your own mistake is the difficult thing and apologizing for the same is further more difficult. Understand that, saying sorry is always better than showing stubbornness. It is not always necessary that you will immediately realize your mistake. Whenever, after few days if you realize the mistake then consider saying sorry. You can say sorry by means of writing a sorry letter.

Your guilt can make you weak internally and so it is always better to spit it out by saying a simple sorry. It is also important for you to take into account the situation of the recipient before drafting such a letter. Let the anger fade away, and then you can draft a sorry letter. Give enough time to the recipient to cool down.

You should also calm down first and then think about writing a sorry letter. What do you want to write in your sorry letter? How do you want to write a sorry letter? Think about the answers to these questions before writing such a letter.

Say sorry for your deeds and don’t try to play a blame game. Even if you think that mistake happened from both the sides, then don’t try to mention it in your sorry letter. Sometimes you may also feel that people around you, provoked you to make mistake but don’t mention it in your letter. Explain the situation but don’t try to put blame on others.

Show regrets for your past actions and explain to the reader that you will change for the good.

Types of sorry letter

It’s a great thing when you are willing to admit your own mistake because it requires a lot of courage to do so. Here are few types of sorry letter that you and write, depending on the situation:

  • Business sorry letter – When you do anything wrong with your customer, client, business associate etc. then in such scenario you can consider writing a business sorry letter.
  • Personal sorry letter – It is not always easy to main the personal relationships. When you wrong somewhere while dealing with personal matters, then in such scenario you can consider writing a personal sorry letter.
  • Professional sorry letter – At your workplace, when things go wrong due to your mistake then don’t hesitate to say sorry. In such situations, you can consider writing a professional sorry letter.

Tips to follow to write a sorry letter

How important is it to give a good start to your sorry letter?

It’s a big question! Where to start from? A good start can make it easy for you to further write the letter. It is good to start the letter by admitting your mistake. Mention all true facts and be precise while writing a sorry letter. In order to give an interesting start to your letter, you can also make use of the sorry quotes. It is important to wisely select the sorry quotes. If you want to give a good start to your sorry letter, then here are few lines that you can add according to the subject matter:

  • I take full responsibility for what happened last night and apologize for the same…
  • It is human tendency to make mistakes…
  • I regret what happened…
  • I know it was my fault…
  • I am sorry for shouting…
  • It is hard to say sorry, but easy to acknowledge! Will you acknowledge it?
  • I believe in forgiving and forgetting, so can you forgive me so that I can forget it!
  • I am not a perfect person and so please accept my apologies…

How important is it to keep your facts clear?

It is very important to keep your facts clear while writing a sorry letter. It is easy to get attracted with wrong emotions but it is difficult to come out of it. Analyze the entire situation by recalling the incident that happened and try to figure out the facts. Understand the difference between mentioning facts and mentioning exaggerated facts in your sorry letter. You can add details about the true incident that occurred but see to it that you don’t forget your main motto of saying sorry.

How important is it to analyze the entire situation?

In order to analyze the entire situation aptly, here are the few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How many people got offended by your behavior?
  • How many people indirectly got affected because of you?
  • Do you want to say sorry to all or few of them?
  • Are you saying sorry for hurting someone?

Fix everything in your mind, before drafting a sorry letter. Irrelevant instances are not to be mentioned in your sorry letter but evaluate the entire situation carefully to write the perfect letter. Analyze the entire situation, in order to make out whether it was your fault or not.

How important is it to write a short letter?

The main motto of your sorry letter is to apologize and so there is no point in exaggerating all the known facts. When you are seeking forgiveness, add only a few relevant facts. Writing too much can make your sorry look superficial. Don’t mention anything that is not directly related to the incident. Explain your mistake and write the letter in a simple manner. Try to rectify your errors, if possible.

How essential is it to keep your letter simple?

Don’t make the situation more complex, by thinking or writing too much. All you should do is s ay a simple sorry and come out of the situation as soon as possible. Add few simple sentences that convey your apology. Giving importance to vocabulary, grammar, word limit, language etc. is important but it is secondary in such a letter. While keeping your letter simple, it is also important for you to maintain the honesty factor. If you are honest, then definitely your sorry will be accepted.




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