What is a confirmation letter?

Do you know that the confirmation letter can also work as a formal document? Yes, it can work as a formal document because it basically summarizes the verbal agreement that was previously made between the two parties. People in the business world, usually make use of such a letter as a formal document in order to maintain it as a record and acknowledge a particular task. Though, it is a known fact that such letters have many variations. The confirmation letter can be related to different things like:

  • Confirming the receipt of an order
  • Confirming the schedule of an appointment
  • Confirming some travel arrangements
  • Confirming reservations
  • Confirming appointment of a new employee, etc.

What is the main objective of the confirmation letter? The main objective of such a letter is to determine that two parties that are dealing with a particular thing are on the same page. This can avoid all possible confusion that may arise in the case of the verbal communication. The confusion can be related to any things like time, venue, date etc.

In order to type such a letter, the letterhead of the company is used and things included in such a letter are like a date, salutation, a name of the recipient, address of the recipient, terms and conditions of an agreement, signature etc. Whenever any kind of conflict arises, such a document can prove to be of great use as an evidence because it can determine aptly the person who is at fault. You can follow a simple business letter writing format, to write such a letter.

How to Write a Confirmation Letter?

Using a letterhead is very important

Is your confirmation letter dealing with business matters? If yes, then using the letterhead of the company is important to write such a letter. Using a letterhead can make it easy for you to further use this letter as a formal and official document of the company. It is important to include full name and address of the recipient, just above the salutation. Add a proper title to the letter, to increase its impact.

In case, you are writing such a letter to the company to deal with personal matter, then you can make use of other good quality of the paper and not the letterhead. Whichever paper you may use, but it is important to maintain the business letter format.

Start the letter with an appropriate salutation

The right salutation showcases your greeting and acknowledgment. In the confirmation letter, you should always make use of a formal salutation. Your salutation should follow with the name of the recipient and the title. “Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms.” Can be used in the salutation, following by the last name of the person. Before adding Mrs. to the salutation, it is important for you to confirm that the recipient is married. You can make use of the first name of a person if you are writing such a letter to serve your personal purpose.

Get straight to the point in the first paragraph

Now whether you are writing such a letter to attain business or personal matter, it is important to write the letter to the point. Don’t add lame sentences in the first paragraph of the letter. In such a letter you don’t have to go in detail with the introductory information. Make use of the first paragraph of the letter to outline typical details related to the confirmation subject. Be specific, while adding information related to the date, time and location in the first paragraph.

Few examples of starting the first paragraph of the letter are like:

  • I am writing to confirm
  • This letter is to confirm
  • I would like to confirm

In case, you are sending a confirmation for receiving a particular product then mention details related to it in the first paragraph.

In the second paragraph, address other important details

Add all the relevant details related to the confirmation subject, in the second paragraph of the letter. Generally, terms and conditions related to the agreement, responsibilities of different task etc. are discussed in the second paragraph of such a letter.

If you want to request the recipient to take a particular responsibility and it is advisable to ask for the confirmation in return. In such matter, you should specify that you need the confirmation in writing. Include all the required details related to the confirmation in this paragraph, because this can avoid future complications or misunderstandings.

Ask for the follow-up

In the last paragraph of the letter, it is important for you to ask for the follow-up. Lines that you add in such a paragraph should encourage the recipient to get in touch with you. Make the recipient feel comfortable to discuss problems or issues with you, if any.

Close the letter appropriately

In order to close such a letter, you can make use of the terms like:

  • Sincerely
  • Thank you
  • Regards
  • Respectfully, etc.

After using any of the mentioned terms, you can include your name and add your signature further.

Confirmation Letter – Proofreading is Important

  • Now whether this kind of letter used as a formal document is a personal matter or not, but it is important to proofread it. You should check missing words, spelling errors, grammar errors, sentence punctuation etc.
  • You may look more responsible towards certain matter if you write an error-free letter.
  • Check the font you have used and the margins that you have added. To write such a letter, you can make use of a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial.
  • The font size can be 12 and don’t make use of bold or italic style. If you are leaving margins, then ensure that it is 1 inch on each side.
  • If you are writing details in brief, in such a letter then ensure that you don’t add unwanted stuff. It is important to write things, to the point.
  • Strictly the content of the letter should be related to the “confirmation” subject.
  • See to it that, the tone you make use of in such a letter is formal but that does not mean you forget to show your enthusiasm and gratitude.

Types of confirmation letter

Here are the different types of the confirmation letter:

  • Employment confirmation letter
  • Job confirmation letter
  • Interview confirmation letter
  • Salary confirmation letter
  • Volunteer confirmation letter
  • Work experience confirmation letter


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