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Donation Letter Business Entity

Donation letter for business entities aim at requesting them to make contributions to any cause or event that takes place in our social life, political or religious sphere. In this sense such a letter is much wider in scope and appeal.  No group can make such an appeal for any cause for business people are considered to be the generally rich class and they are much sought after for all these purposes. But the point is that the letter should consider all the points in a systematic manner to be presented before the organization and its concerned authority. Before sending across the letter it is well to study the company’s history with regard to making contributions to social causes.


The letter should be clear and precise

1) It should be positive in note

2) It should make them understand in what way that it is going to help them out by building a positive social good will

3) It should specify the benefits that may incur to the targeted audience.

Donation Letter Business Entity Sample 











Subject:  Donation letter for business entity

Respected Sir/Madam,

As you are well aware of the annual festival of our church is going to be celebrated in unprecedented manner. It is the prestige of this vicar and well known that this church is on the forefront in delivering social services to all the needy irrespective of class, caste and religion. Hence it becomes the primary responsibility and duty of all to think socially and to make generous contribution to make the venture a grand success. As a well wisher and a figure of social prominence may we request your esteemed presence and contribution to make this event a colourful one.



Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Sas

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