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Tax Deductible Donation Letter

A tax deductible donation letter is a letter which is written with an aim to get economical gain from the one who reads it. This letter is to be written in appealing language so as to create a positive impact on the reader. This letter is generally written by any member of social service clubs or institutes in order to get donations for poor people. The letter conveys the reader a message that he can be beneficiary of many tax benefits after giving donations to poor people.

  • While writing tax deductible donation letter, one should always use polite and appealing language that is proper enough to convince the reader to give donations.
  • Describe why one should give the donations and what tax benefits one can get after giving donations.
  • The letter has to be short and sweet. Avoid lengthy description and try to be specific.
  • Always mention name of your social club and a few words about your organisation.
  • If possible, mention the contact number of your organisation for further procedures.

Tax Deductible Donation Letter Template

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Subject – letter for donations

Dear Sir /madam

I am ________ (name of the person)working as a social worker with _________social service club (name of the organisation). I am writing this letter to you as a request to donate for poor and needy people. Your donation can really be helpful for needy people and you will get many tax exemptions by donating and we will issue you a receipt to claim the tax benefits. Early response from your side is highly appreciated.

Thanking you



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Tax Deductible Donation Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format









Subject – Letter requesting for tax deductible donations

Respected Sir/ Madam

I am Mr. Henry writing this letter to you on behalf of XYZ social service club. Our club is working very hard to serve the poor people in our society since last 20 years. We help the poor people so that they can leave a better life. I would like to request you to give some donations that can be useful for food and education of such poor people.

I would like to let you know that you can be beneficiary of many tax benefits in addition to the blessings of these poor people.We will assist you with a donation receipt with the help of which you can get tax exemption.

Donations to poor children can be a noble work and your money can be really a great helping hand to needy people. I request you to be a part of our social work and help the needy people. Awaiting positive reply from your end.

Yours sincerely,


Email Format


Mr. Henry Smith,




(Subject)- Tax deductible donation letter sample.

Dear Mr. Henry,

Hello, I am Mr Adam Marks. I am the member of ABC social service club. Our club is doing social service since last 10 years. We believe in serving people. We support the poor people to have a better living. I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my club. Basically it is a letter to make you understand that we give many facilities for donations and on that donation amount you can get a lot of tax benefits.

We are such a recognized club that if you make a donation to us we will give a receipt to you of that and on that receipt you can obtain or enjoy many tax benefits from the government. Your money will be used for a noble cause and you will also get tax benefits.

For further information you can contact us on 1225878.

Your’s sincerely,

Adam Marks.

Tax Deductible Donation Letter Generator

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