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Tax Deductible Donation Letter

This is a tax deductible donation letter sample. These letters are generally formal in nature. These kind of letters are written to financial benefit from the reader of the letter. The tone of these letters should be positive. The language used here should be polite and gentle. The reader should be impressed by the letter. The letter should create a good impact on the reader of the letter.


Mr. Henry Smith,




(Subject)- Tax deductible donation letter sample.

Dear Mr. Henry,

Hello, I am Mr Adam Marks. I am the member of ABC social service club. Our club is doing social service since last 10 years. We believe in serving people. We support the poor people to have a better living. I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my club. Basically it is a letter to make you understand that we give many facilities for donations and on that donation amount you can get a lot of tax benefits.

We are such a recognized club that if you make a donation to us we will give a receipt to you of that and on that receipt you can obtain or enjoy many tax benefits from the government. Your money will be used for a noble cause and you will also get tax benefits.

For further information you can contact us on 1225878.

Your’s sincerely,

Adam Marks.

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