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Letter to Motivate a Sales Team

Dear team,

Congratulations for crossing the sales target for the month of april.From past three months we are toppers in sales and the company is very happy with our performance. Because of your hard work and dedication the company has planned to pay us all a 20 % commission and also a trip to ___________ for three days with the family. I am really glad to have a team like you and am sure we will keep up this trend. I am aware how much hard work you all have put in this work.

I have received appreciation from the senior members of the company and we will be having a meeting tomorrow with the VP of the company. He is very happy about our achievement and would like to thank each one of you for your dedication and focus. I request all of you to be present tomorrow to meet him. It’s very rarely that he meets any of the team in a whole as he always keeps travelling. I have also received an appreciation letter from the director which I will forward to you all. I hope in future also we stand together as a team and achieve our goals.

Thank you one and all.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name


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