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Business Promotion Letter Format

To run a successful business it is of utmost necessity that the advertisement and promotion of the business is carried out in an effective manner. The big business houses and companies have a permanent person who from time to time takes care of the various aspects of the promotion and advertisement of its wares. A business promotion letter is also a way of promoting business.

Here is a sample business promotion letter:


Simon Williams


Westside Interior Works,




Mr. Douglas Jones

Orchid Apt,

East Riverside,


18th June, 2010

Dear Mr. Jones,

Through this letter I would like to apprise you of the work carried out by us in the field of construction and interiors done by our company and also the various services provided by us.

We are a construction company, which has an efficient team of 1200 workers, engineers, decorators and landscaping experts. Our team is highly qualified and we work in providing satisfaction to our clients. We are involved in the projects from the conceptual stage to the very end.

Our work involves making, decorating, landscaping large projects. You must have come across some of our projects, like the office premises of Alpha Technology, the All Saints School and the apartments of Rosewood. These are some of the prominent projects carried out by our company.

We, thus hope that all your questions have been answered.

Any further inquires are welcome.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Williams

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