What is a Goodbye Letter?

It is very difficult to say a goodbye, then be it via a phone call or a personal meet. Saying goodbye is never an easy task but you can make it convincing by writing a goodbye letter. Many times people write such a letter just for the sake of formality and if you are doing the same thing then avoid adding sarcastic sentences. It is important to convey the right message in the right tone.

Now whether things are ending on a good or bad note, but it is important to write the letter in a positive manner. Don’t show any kind of emotions related to the anger, frustration, irritation etc. Give yourself some time to write a goodbye letter. Writing such a letter by using a bit of negative tone is never a good idea and you may regret it in the future.

Don’t do the copy paste work, while writing this type of a letter. Be specific with your writing so that reader can find it easy to understand the motive of writing such a letter. Now whether it is business or personal goodbye letter, you just cannot say “Sayonara, idiot”. A person reading such a letter should feel good that you took efforts to show such a good gesture of saying goodbye. Write the letter in such a way that it can make some sense for the recipient. You can also include some personal story or few jokes that are sensible, in a goodbye letter.

Humorous Ways to Say Goodbye, in Goodbye Letters to Friends and Other People

Adding humour in a goodbye letter can make the reader feel good. Humour can be added in this type of letter if you are writing it to your friend or any other person. If it is a professional goodbye letter, then adding humour is generally avoided.

You can consider adding short and funny jokes. Your letter should be such that, it can make the reader feel that you will stay connected with him or her even in the future. In this type of a letter, you can add humour in two ways. One is by adding jokes that are related to the content of the letter and you can find such jokes over the online platform. There is also an another way to add jokes that are personal. The personal jokes here mean you can add some funny instances of real life that are connected to the recipient. Reading a letter with humour can make the mood of a recipient.

The funny goodbye letter can make it easy for you to light down the depressing mood of a recipient. If you want the reader to leave in a happy and assuring mood, then writing a funny goodbye letter is advisable. Such a goodbye letter can easily heal the feeling of loss.

If the person close to you, may be your friend, co-worker or a classmate is leaving you, then you can consider sending a funny goodbye letter. Whatever may be the reason for leaving an office or a school, but you should never end such a letter on a serious note. Understand the fact that a good big laugh can make the reader forget the feeling of a temporary loss.

Tips to Write Goodbye Letters to Co-Workers

In this changing economy, jobs are changing at a faster pace. People want to grow and this may compel them to change their job for good. In such a scenario, you can consider saying goodbye to your fellow co-worker by writing a goodbye letter. Do you think that it is the hardest thing to write a goodbye letter to a co-worker? If yes, then follow the below-mentioned tips to write a goodbye letter:

  • Tip 1 – It is important to be genuine while writing this type of a letter. Sincerely write the goodbye letter, so that the reader does not find it to be fake. Show your sincerity and it can be done by using the right tone to write a letter.
  • Tip 2 – Even if you are planning to add humour in such a letter then ensure that you don’t overdo it in such a way that, it can make the reader feel bad.
  • Tip 3 – You should keep such a letter short and sweet. Keeping it short does not mean that you will not write the basic content of the goodbye letter. The length of the letter should be such that, you can find it easy to convey your feelings and get across your point.
  • Tip 4 – You can either get such a letter typed or linked. If you are planning to write it on your own then consider using, black or blue ink. Don’t make use of rainbow colours, to write this type of a letter.
  • Tip 5 – Don’t start complaining! There are many people that complain if the recipient does not inform them personally about leaving a particular organization. There is no point in playing a blame game while writing this type of a letter.
  • Tip 6 – You can email this type of a letter or cans end it personally, depending on your relation with the recipient.

Few ways to close a goodbye letter

You can write this type of a letter in different ways like formal, informal, humorous etc. Select the right way to write a letter, depending on the relationship that you share with the recipient. You can close this type of a letter in few ways like:

Formal way – You can end it by saying “Yours truly” or “Sincerely”.

Ironic way – If you share an informal relation with the recipient, then you can end a goodbye letter by saying “Cya” or “TTYL”.  It is basically, casual way of saying a goodbye.

Personal way – You can end a personal goodbye letter by saying a word like “Affectionately” or “With Love”.


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