What is a Recommendation Letter?

Have you ever been asked to recommend someone? If yes, then surely you might find it a little difficult task. There is a huge difference in recommending someone by words of mouth and recommending by means of writing the recommendation letter. Anyone can be asked to write such a letter like:

  • An employer,
  • A colleague,
  • A teacher,
  • A client, etc.

Generally, in such a letter the performance of the individual is described then be it related to academics or work. Submitting such a letter is the best way to introduce the candidate.

Whatever type of recommendation letter you are planning to write, but it is important to collect some information about the candidate and the subject matter. This can make it easy for you to write a recommendation letter.

What is Included in a Recommendation Letter

Generally, the letter of recommendation is related to employment or education. So, in such a letter you can include several things like:

  • Qualification of an individual
  • Skills of an individual
  • Qualities as well as capabilities of a candidate
  • Extra educational details

The recommendation letter can act as a decisive factor and so it is very important for you to draft it carefully.

The Difference Between a Recommendation Letter and a Reference Letter

People usually, get confused when it comes to recommendation letter and the reference letter. The recommendation letters are written by the superior authorities like managers, supervisors, co-workers, professors etc. On the other hand, reference letters are written when someone wants to offer a personal reference. In the recommendation letter, everything related to the qualification, experience, and skills is discussed.

Here are the few points that explain the basic difference between the recommendation letter and the reference letter:

  • The recommendation letter is very specific in nature and the reference letter is written in a generalized way.
  • The recommendation letters are specifically addressed to an individual and the reference letter are generally addressed in a way like” to whomsoever it may concern”.
  • Both these letters can be related to the employment and academic purpose but the recommendation letter discusses more the performance, whereas reference letter discusses more the character.
  • In the recommendation letter more of performance evaluation is done and in the reference letter, more of the character assessment is done.

Who writes the recommendation Letter?

The recommendation letter is basically, written by an individual who can comment on your qualifications. He or she should have good knowledge about the subject matter so that the letter can be written in an effective way. Such a letter usually comes with a deadline and so it is important to give at least a one-month time to the writer. If required, on urgent basis then it can be written by the friends as well as relatives.

Anyone can be the writer of recommendation letter like an advisor, a faculty member, a teacher, a senior colleague, a well-wisher etc.

Types of Recommendation Letters

Here are the different types of recommendation letters:

Academic recommendation letter

The teachers or professors who write a recommendation letter for the candidate falls under the category if academic recommendation letter. These candidates can be the people who are seeking admission in the college or the one who are looking for the internship program. Such a letter is required as a part of the admission requirement.

Character recommendation letter

Character recommendation letter is the kind of personal recommendation letter. Such letters are also attached with the employment reference letter so that it can provide an additional support. Such a letter can be written for a friend or a relative. Write this type of a letter, in such a way that it describes your relationship with the candidate.

Employment recommendation letter

When it comes to writing an employment recommendation letter, it becomes important for you to know the basic details about the candidate. Having full information can make the letter writing easy for you. Mention the qualities of a prospective employee in such a letter.

Tips on the way to write a professional recommendation letter

  • Your recommendation letter should look professional and this is possible when you write it in a convincing tone.
  • The presentation of a letter should be good.
  • Adopt business letter format to write such a letter.
  • Make use of the polite tone, because sounding rude can spoil the essence of a letter.
  • Always mention the name of the person to whom you are recommending.
  • Give the satisfactory reasons for the recommendation.
  • Add essential skills and abilities of the concerned person.
  • You can also give your personal opinion.
  • It is essential to conclude your recommendation letter with a positive note.

Make your recommendation letter look professional by following the above-mentioned tips.

Tips to Write a Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies

  • Express the educational background of the student successfully.
  • Write such a recommendation letter, in a formal style.
  • The main aim of such a letter is to recommend the candidate for further studies and so it is important to write it in a convincing tone.
  • Give complete information about the student in such a letter.
  • You should also mention the name of a student.
  • State the reason behind writing such a recommendation letter.
  • Add details related to the skills of the candidate.
  • Conclude such a letter with a positive note.

Tips for writing student recommendation letter

  • It is important to mention the interest level of a student, in a student recommendation letter.
  • Provide complete information about the children and write the letter in a formal style.
  • Maintain the tone of a letter in such a way that it matches with the needs of the student.
  • Before mentioning all such details, it is important for you to first introduce yourself.
  • If you are recommending some teacher to a student, then it is important for you to include the skills and qualification of the teacher.
  • Close such a letter in a professional manner by using the positive tone.


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