What is the Thank you Ltter?

Do you want to express any kind of appreciation to anyone? If yes, then consider writing a thank you letter. The length of this letter, should not exceed more than one page then whether you are writing a business or a personal thank you letter. A hand-written letter can be written, in the case of a personal thank you letter. Some of the thank you letter are also called as the letter of gratitude. You can write such a letter in any situation that deserves gratitude.

Who will not love the gesture of appreciation? Everyone loves it, but some people don’t admit it. It is always good to acknowledge the good efforts of the people around you, in order to make them feel good about the work they have done. The size of the effort does not matter, when it comes to writing a thank you letter because it can help you to maintain the tone of the relationship. You can send such a letter via post and also via email. Select the option that is convenient to you.

Types of thank you letter

There are two types of thank you letter:

  • Business thank you letter
  • Personal thank you letter

The business thank you letter…

  • Such letters are used in the corporate world.
  • There are lots of interactions happening in the business environment on the everyday basis and such interactions do demand the thank you letter.
  • In the business environment, such letters are more of like an obligation.
  • It becomes compulsory to write such a letter, in certain situations that are economic in nature.
  • For success, it is important to build the network of relationships in the corporate world and so the thank you letter can prove to be of great use.

The personal thank you letter…

  • When you want to show any kind of gratitude on a personal level, then you can consider writing a personal thank you letter which is an informal letter.
  • Sending such a letter can show your good etiquettes.
  • Acknowledging and valuing someone’s effort, is always a considerable option.
  • Show your genuine gesture and not any kind of obligation while writing such a letter.
  • In order to make such letter acceptable, sugar coated words are used.

Thank you letter – Know some writing tips

Make your letter look interesting

Understand that thank you letter cannot be lengthy. If you want to make it look good, then write it in a simple and short manner. Don’t overdo with your “thank you”. You can follow the formal etiquettes while writing such a letter and can also make it little interesting. Don’t make your letter sound too boring. In order to make your letter look interesting, you can add some humorous punches. Add punches, that are relevant so that the reader can enjoy it.

Write to the point

It is very important to be specific with the content of the letter. While thanking a person, talk about the relevant and sensible things. Don’t try to exaggerate the content. Make use of simple language and write to the point. Don’t mend your words.

Check spelling and grammar errors

Grammatical and spelling errors can never make your letter look good. If you don’t want to ruin the real sense of the letter, then consider avoiding silly errors. Always make use of simple words in the letter so that you can find it easy to write and the reader can find it easy to read. Don’t use slang words or the words that have the double meaning. Talking about grammar, you can make use of the present perfect tense in such a letter. The choice of your words matters a lot when it comes to showing your gratitude in this type of a letter.

End your letter tactfully

Do you think that the good introduction and body of the letter is enough to impress the reader? Definitely not! Apart from it, you should also take care of the ending of a letter. When you are ending the letter, you should make use of the polite words. Once again in the ending you should show your gratitude and emphasize on the things that you have mentioned in the letter. It is advisable to close your letter in a courteous manner and add the right salutation.

Make use of the quality paper

You are not making an ordinary communication and so it is advisable to make use of good quality of paper. If you are writing a letter on your own, then ensure that you make use of the same ink throughout the letter. Don’t change the color of the ink, in any part of the letter. Use the paper to write such a letter, that is not too thin or thick. If you are planning to print a letter, then ensure that the ink used for the printer is of good quality.

Don’t delay in sending a letter

Saying thank you at the right time is important. If you make any kind of delay in sending such a letter, then it can affect your reputation and can also take away the true essence of the letter. If you send the letter without making any delay, then it can show your courtesy and enthusiasm.

Format of the business thank you letter

  • Make use of the letterhead of the company
  • Add your name
  • Add your address
  • In the center, left or right side you can add the contact details
  • In the center, left or right side you can add the date
  • Add the official name of the recipient
  • Add the address of the recipient
  • Start with the salutation
  • Say thank you in the first paragraph and mention the reason
  • Elaborate the reason in the second paragraph
  • Offer assurance in the third paragraph related to the subject matter
  • Add closing salutation
  • Add signature and name
  • Add your designation
  • Add your contact number

Format of the personal thank you letter

  • Make use of thank you letterhead or good quality of the paper
  • Add your name
  • Add your address
  • Add date
  • Add recipient name
  • Add recipient address
  • Add salutation
  • Show acknowledgment in the first paragraph
  • Give description in the second paragraph
  • State the importance of the help in the third paragraph
  • Add closing salutation
  • Add your signature
  • Add your name
  • Add your contact information


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