What is a Leave Letter?

The leave letter can be of two types:

  • Temporary leave letter
  • Permanent leave letter

Now whether you want to leave a company or a school on a permanent or temporary basis., but it is important to draft a leave letter in a professional manner. Understand one thing that, drafting a wrong leave letter or a false leave letter can create bridges of misunderstanding. First, analyse the reason behind your leave and then draft a letter accordingly.

It is important for you to draft such a letter in a respectful way. You should be clear with the point that you want to specify in your leave letter. Note down rough points, before you begin drafting such a letter. It is important to add details related to the dates and facts, in a leave letter. Don’t accidently skip any kind of an important detail in your leave letter.

If you are planning to leave a job, then it is essential for you to mention the reason behind taking such a decision. Focus on a core information, while drafting such a letter. Be gracious, while drafting a leave letter. Understand one thing, that it never hurts to say thank you, so show some kindness while drafting such a letter. Double check your letter because it is important to enter right dates and other details.

How to Format a Leave Letter?

  • First will be the introductory paragraph, where you will introduce yourself and in a polite way you should get to your point. Your introductory paragraph should give a basic idea to a reader about your leave application.
  • Next, will be the body of a letter in which you can include the reason for leave and other facts related to dates. Ensure that in the body of a letter, you include all the required critical details without exaggerating.
  • Last will be the concluding paragraph, in which you should successfully sign-off in a respectful and a polite way.

How to Write a Letter of Leave?

For a leave of absence, you can write a leave letter. Do you know what is a leave of absence? It is the time that you spent while being away from your workplace or university. There can be a variety of reasons, behind drafting such a letter. These reasons can be personal or health related issues or any family related issues. It is important to make use of simple and straightforward words while drafting a leave letter for absence.

  • Keep your letter short as well as clear and don’t forget to state the purpose of taking leave.
  • Mention the time frame for which you need a leave.
  • You can address such a letter to your employer, supervisor or a manager. It is essential to address the letter by adding the name of a concerned person. You can write “Dear Mr. X” instead of writing “Dear Sir or Madam”.
  • What is the main purpose of writing a leave letter? If the leave was discussed previous with an employer, then mention it in your letter. Request for a leave of absence from a work, in an ethical way.
  • Include leave dates appropriately, in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding in the future. Adding precise date is important.
  • What is the primary reason behind asking for a leave? Describe your reason in such a way that employer does not find it to be fake.
  • You can recommend someone, who can work on your behalf in your absence if required. Before adding such a recommendation, it is advisable for you to discuss the matter with the concerned person.
  • While stating expected return date, you should mention that you will resume work from….so and so date.
  • Before signing off, you should be thankful to your employer for agreeing to the leave. You can add salutation like “sincerely”, followed by your name.
  • It is advisable to send such a letter well in advance if it is a planned leave.
  • Show some transparency while mentioning the reason, but that does not mean you will give all the minor details.
  • Are you legally entitled to take a leave? If yes, then do mention it in your letter.
  • Provide some ideas about the way to delegate a work in your absence.
  • Always make use of respectful tone, while writing a leave letter.

Reasons to write a Leave Letter

It is known fact to all that leave letter can be used for academic settings as well as at the workplace. In such a letter, you provide a reason for the periodic or permanent leave. Here are the few reasons for which a leave letter is written:

First is, holiday leave

Do you want to celebrate a religious or national holiday with your family for few days? If yes, then you can write a leave letter stating the correct reason. You can also make use of your paid leaves, to enjoy such a holiday. If your reason is holidaying somewhere, then it is advisable to write such a leave letter well in advance.

Second is, court leave

Are you trapped in some legal matter? Do you want to help your friend who is trapped in a legal matter? If yes, then you should state the correct reason to your company and ask for a leave. Domestic relation issues, a criminal case, civil suits etc. can be the reason to ask for a leave. If an employee or a student has to be there in a court, then he or she should inform this in a leave letter as soon as possible.

Third is, compensatory leave

What is compensatory leave? This leave can be asked, if the company policy permits to do so. You work overtime to finish your weekly or monthly working hours and then ask for a leave.

Fourth is, medical leave

Are you not feeling well? If yes, then you can ask for a medical leave. Even if anyone from your family is not keeping well, then it is advisable to ask for a medical leave. The reasons for such a leave can be maternity problems, paternity issues, serious illness etc. When you decide to take such a leave, it is advisable for you to send a leave letter as soon as possible.

Fifth is, funeral leave

Do you want to attend any funeral? If yes, then you can ask for a funeral leave. Such leave is basically a written request to attend the funeral.


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