What is the Transfer Letter?

A transfer letter is required when someone wants to move from one place to another. Such a letter is also required when you switch your work responsibilities to another department in the same organization or when you want to move to a new school. When you want to transfer ownership of something, such a letter can be written. In such a letter, you just don’t make a request of transfer but you give the proper justification for the transfer. You should always write such a letter in a friendly or formal tone. When in transfer letter, you make use of the unfriendly tone, then in such scenario you can mention the action that you will take if the transfer is not accepted.

Transfer request letter – For the job transfer

When it comes to writing, a job transfer request letter, there can be many reasons. The reasons can be personal or professional, but it is important to mention it in your transfer letter. Some of the reasons, when you need to ask for a job transfer are like:

  • When you want to learn something new
  • When you want to take new challenges
  • When you want to polish, your skills further
  • When you want to get rid of team problems
  • When you want to minimize the workload due to specific reason like illness or an age problem
  • When you are keen to work in a different branch of the company or an organization
  • When you want to minimize the travel

Reasons can vary, depending on your problem but it is important to write it in a requesting tone. When you are writing such a letter within a company, it is very important to make your point clear. The length of this letter should not be more than a single page.

In a job transfer letter, you should not forget to add your personal strengths and abilities. This can add greater impact to your letter. How your transfer can benefit the company? Give answer to this question, in your transfer letter.

If there is any kind of vacancy for a particular position in the company, then you can request a transfer because in such a scenario even a company can enjoy good benefit by providing the position to an existing employee. Add a sentence related to maintaining loyalty towards the company in your transfer letter. Show your enthusiasm about the transfer, in this type of a letter.

When you are writing, a job transfer letter, you should give answers to the following questions in your letter:

  • What is the purpose of writing such a letter? Give an answer to this question, in the first sentence of a letter.
  • What is the position for which you want to apply for? Your letter should definitely provide an answer to this question.
  • How important is it to mention your work experience? Highlighting your work experience is important because this can help you to gain the positive response for your transfer letter.
  • Why should you praise the company? You should definitely praise the company but not to the major extent. Praising the company can allow the reader to know that you like to work with them.
  • Why do you want to grow with the company? You should provide an answer to this question because this can help the company to know your motive of transfer.

Don’t make use of the arrogant tone while showing your capabilities in such a letter. Be honest while stating the transfer reason because this can allow you to gain the result in your favor. Don’t give different reasons to the different department heads of the company because this can create your bad impression. Understand that you are writing a transfer letter and not a complaint letter, so don’t start complaining in your letter. Always be polite and respectful towards the recipient.

Steps to follow in order to write a transfer request letter

First step – Provide good and logical reasoning

How should be the beginning of your transfer request letter? The beginning of your letter should be strong and it should specify the details related to transfer. It is essential for you to provide good and logical reason for the transfer because this can make your letter look sensible and strong. The first paragraph of your transfer letter should convey all possible reasons related to the motive of the transfer.

Second step – Give the reason for you being a perfect candidate for the transfer

Why are you the perfect candidate for the transfer? Provide an answer to this question, if you want to acquire promoted working position in the office. How can you benefit the company? The company should know your capabilities and the benefits it can gain after transferring you to a particular position.

Third step – How you are different from others?

Why you deserve the transfer? The company should know the qualities that you possess and which makes you different from others. This can make it easy for the concerned authority, to take the transfer related decision. Don’t exaggerate your capabilities and try to make use of professional tone while writing the body of a letter. Highlight your current achievements and let the company know your willingness to work more in order to avail the transfer.

Fourth step – Compose the final paragraph

In the final paragraph of your transfer letter, you should always be thankful to the reader for sparing time to read your letter and should provide the overview of a letter. In this paragraph, you should also ask the reader of there are any necessary steps that are to be taken in order to fulfill the requirements related to the transfer request letter. End your letter by adding the right salutation and after this you can sign the letter.

Fifth step – Review your letter

It is very important to review your letter before sending it to the recipient. This can allow you to dig out any kind of mistakes and can make your letter look more professional. It is also essential to check the spelling and grammar errors, if any. Make use of the readable font, in order to write such a letter.

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