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Donation Letter Sample

Donation letters are primarily intended for potential individuals, organisations, corporate houses, colonies or anybody or everybody that a particular individual or group of individuals feel apt for the mission that they stand for. The cause you seek donation from the parties concerned can range from education, social engineerig, helping hapless persons, social service, or anything and every thing that can make a quality change to the society that we live around. The important aspect while shooting a donation letter is to make clear in concrete terms your aims and targets and the methodology with which you wish to achieve them

Points for donation letter

1) Letter should be in simple language and format. The letter should speak itself of the sincerity and commitment with which you carry on the project.

2) It should make the reader understand the nobility behind the request and supported by ample data and information

3) Enough  scope should be provided to clarify any doubts arise therein

Donation Letter Sample 











Subject:  Donation for school

Respected Sir/Madam,

As you know, it is an age of computers and technology. Unfortunately there are many schools in our area that lack the facility of computers on account of the shortage of funds.

There are many bright students in these schools but lack of computer facilities make them lag behind. Hence we as a group of youngsters in this are have decided to purchase 10 numbers of computers to be distributed in such schools in this vicinity. For that the amount comes nearly 3, 0000. I on behalf of the committee request you to help us through your esteemed contribution to the fund. You may, at your convenience, can inform us any mode of payment and we are glad to receive it.

It is people like you who give great inspiration to us by way of social service. Thank you sir for your timely help.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Meena Vani

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