How to Write a Letter of Apology?

No one is perfect in this world and it is the well-known fact. Mistakes are bound to happen in some or the other way, but it is important to mend the situation at the right time. It can be done by writing a letter of apology.

First, it is important for you to make out the kind of mistake you have made because it can help you to know whether you need to write personal or business apology letter. If you want to show that you value, the relationship with the concerned party then, write the letter of apology as soon as possible.  

How to Write a Personal Apology Letter?

When writing a personal apology letter, you need to keep certain things in mind like:

  • Always start with the sorry, in the beginning of the letter itself
  • Take responsibility for the mistake you have done
  • Try to resolve the situation, if you have the available options
  • Ensure the reader that you won’t repeat the mistake again
  • If required, to strengthen the relationship you can suggest the meeting in a neutral place
  • While closing the letter, it is important to apologize again
  • It is not always necessary to print a personal apology letter but instead of it, you can write a hand-written letter because it can add personal touch to the letter
  • It is important to sincerely apologize

How to Write a Business Apology Letter?

When writing a business apology letter, you need to keep certain things in mind like:

  • Business letter should always be written in a print form
  • Use conventional font like Times Roman and print the letter on white paper which is of higher quality
  • Even in business apology letter you should start the letter by saying sorry
  • If you have a valid reason for the mistake that you have made, then give the required explanation
  • You should solve the problem if it is in your hand
  • Apologize again while ending the letter

How to Form Your Apology?

What your letter is all about?

A sentence related to an apology, should be added at the beginning of the letter so that reader can know what your letter is all about. This will prepare the reader to read the entire letter in a required manner without getting confused.   

What is your mistake?

Now that you have decided to acknowledge your mistake, it becomes for you to state your mistake clearly in a letter. Carefully accept your mistake in a descriptive way.

Did you upset the concerned party with your deeds?

If yes, is your answer to the above-mentioned question then it is important to acknowledge how much you have hurt the concerned party. Mention in the letter that your intention was not to hurt them.

Is it important to offer a solution related to the mistake that you have made?

Yes, it is important to offer a solution because only saying sorry is sometimes not enough. Give punch to your apology by offering a right solution to the mistake that you have made. Offering a solution is always a better option rather than saying that you won’t repeat your mistake again.

How important is it to show your interest for future interactions?

Ask for forgiveness but at the same time also ensure that your apology, further does not bring a halt to the future interactions. Show your desire of keeping in touch with the other party after apologizing successfully.

How to Apologize Appropriately?

Use appropriate language

Do you know that apologizing requires good skill? Yes, it does and you can politely apologize when you make use of correct language. Frame sentences and add phrases in such a way that it won’t make the situation worst.

Show your sincerity

It is important for you to be sincere and genuine while apologizing, then whatever may be the reason behind your mistake. Don’t do copy and paste work in such letter because this won’t make your apology look sincere.

Don’t make letter look demanding or rude

Don’t make you apology letter look demanding and rude. This is possible when you keep assumptions and expectations out of the letter. The letter should not look insulting and this is possible when you don’t assume wrong things. You can take the situation in control when you make use of correct words.

How to Format your Apology Letter?

  • Keep the salutation as basic as possible and don’t try to get flowery with your language
  • End your letter gracefully by adding a sentence like, “I sincerely apologize and I am thankful to you for hearing me out”.
  • In a case of the formal apology letter, you should not forget to include things like date, name, name of the organization, signature etc.

Apologizing When You Don’t Mean it – How to Make It Convincing?

Why should you apologize when you don’t feel guilty about anything? Apologizing when you don’t mean it, is considered to be the bad alternative because it makes apology look further depraved. The recipient can take such sorry, in an offensive manner.

In order to maintain a strong relationship for future, it becomes very important to make your apology look convincing. Even if you think you are right, in such situation it becomes important to swallow your pride.

If you think that your behavior has proper justification, then don’t forcefully add insincere apologetic words. It is better not to lie and try to understand the situation completely. Think about your actions and its result because this can help you to find the mistake that you may have done. If your actions or words have contributed to the damage, missed opportunities or hurt feelings, then it is important to apologize.

It is advisable to not apologize when you are in a wrong or angry state of mind. Say sorry when you are able to evaluate the situation objectively.

How Not to Write an Apology Letter?

Understand one thing that you want to write an apology letter and not the letter of obligation. If you are saying sorry just for the heck of it, then ensure that you don’t give lame excuses in your letter. It is advisable to be specific about your behavior while writing a letter of apology. Add words in your letter that sound sincerer. Don’t make the reader feel guilty by stating words, that showcase their response to your behaviour was wrong.

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