What is an Appreciation Letter?

The appreciation letter is written when you want to express appreciation to another individual. In other words, it is also called as a letter of thank you. This letter can be written in two formats:

  • Business letter format
  • Personal letter format

The basic thing about an appreciation letter you need to know is that it should not exceed more than one page.

Tips to Create an Effective Appreciation Letter

Generally, an appreciation letter is written to express gratitude towards a person who has supported you during tough times. It is worth to gratify the support and kindness you receive from a particular individual because it helps you to pass the toughest terrains of life.

Here are few tips that can help you to show your gratitude by drafting a well-documented appreciation letter:

  • It is important to deliver thank you note at the right time.
  • An immediate response is always admired.
  • In the starting of the letter itself, it is important to address a person whom you want to heartily say thank you.
  • State the reason behind showing your gratitude.
  • Express the moments when reader proved to be helpful to you.
  • Say no to flowery language.
  • Fancy fonts are not appreciated.
  • Make the reader feel special for his or her good deeds by showing your appreciation and not by showing your creative style of writing.
  • Make use of admiring words and not the words that are difficult to understand.
  • Exaggerating too much can make the reader feel as if you are lying.
  • Write an appreciation letter tactfully so that it can become easy for you to strengthen your bond with the reader.
  • Give your regards and close the letter with the positive note.

Appreciation Letter – Written for Several Personal Occasions

It is known fact that the appreciation letter is written in many forms. Several occasion where appreciation letter is written are like:

Appreciation or a thank you letter to a teacher

Children of all ages can write this letter to the teacher because he or she plays a major role in your life. After parents, teachers play an important role in shaping the future of a child. If the age of a child is small, then parents can write a thank you letter to a teacher.

Appreciation or a thank you letter for hospitality

Hospitality can be for anything like going for a night stay at friend’s place or attending a dinner party and many such things. If you enjoyed the hospitality of the host, then it is worth sending an appreciation letter to that individual.

Appreciation or a thank you letter to a day care service provider

When parents are at work, such service providers play a major role in taking care of the youngsters. If you appreciate their services, then don’t feel shy to write a thank you letter or an appreciation letter.

Appreciation or a thank you letter to a pet sitter

Pet sitter is a person who takes care of your pets. Such an individual deserves thanks because he or she plays an important role in nurturing your pet. Sending an appreciation letter to such an individual is a good way to appreciate their efforts for taking care of your family pet.

Reasons for writing such a letter differs from person to person. Above mentioned are few personal style of an appreciation letter and personal letter format can be used to write such letters.

How to Write a Letter of Appreciation?

Writing a Letter of Appreciation – First Way!

  • Delaying is not allowed – You should say thank you soon after attending a particular event or a party or soon after taking a favour from anyone. Delaying is not allowed because sending letter at the right time shows your etiquettes.
  • Using right letter format is important – In case, you want to appreciate efforts of any individual within your professional background then it is advisable to make use of formal letter format. The personal letter format can be used when you know the reader personally. Show your polite greetings in any format, you use.
  • Salutation is necessary – Now whether you are writing an appreciation letter to your friend or business associate, it is important to include the salutation.
  • State the purpose of writing a letter – In the initial paragraph itself, you need to state the purpose of writing a letter. It is important for the addressee to know the reason in the beginning itself or else reading a letter can prove to be a boring task.
  • Conclude sentence – Your conclude sentence should again show your gratitude towards the reader.
  • Sign off – Sign off by adding proper salutation. If you are writing a personal letter then make use of salutation like Love, Yours truly etc. in a case of formal appreciation letter you can use salutation like Best regards, Respectfully etc.
  • Do proofreading – Proofreading is important to dig out any kind of grammatical or typo errors.

Writing a Thank-You Letter after a Job Interview – Second Way

  • Be quick – Definitely, you can’t send thank you letter after one or two months of the job interview. It is important to be quick if you want to create an excellent impression on your employer. Three days is the ideal time to send such a letter after an interview.
  • Enter right salutation – It is a formal style of letter and so it is important to include the title in the salutation.
  • Express your gratitude – It is important to express your gratitude in the beginning of the letter itself. You can show gratitude by writing sentences like “thank you for taking out time for our meet”, “thank you for discussing particular matter” etc.
  • Show your interest in continuing relationship – While closing your appreciation letter it is important on your part to show interest in continuing the employer and employee relationship.
  • Add your contact details – Add your contact details tactfully in order to welcome future conversations.
  • Add your signature – After concluding your letter with the proper salutation, you should not forget to sign the letter. You can also add your full name before signing the letter.
  • Do proofreading – Proofreading is important to dig out any kind of grammatical or typo errors.


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