What is the Resignation Letter?

The resignation letter falls under the category of a formal letter. It is generally, written by a person who wants to give up a particular title, authority, job, position etc. Definitely, a resignation letter is written when you want to join the new job but apart from it, you can write it for several other reasons. These reasons can be like:

  • Falling sick
  • Due to pregnancy
  • Meeting with an accident
  • Facing communication issues
  • Low salary issues
  • Due to strict company policies
  • Any kind of personal issues
  • Ending of the contract

Informing about the resignation at the right time is essential for an applicant to the concerned authorities. It is mainly because this can allow the authorities to take the right decision related to a replacement at the right time. Submitting proper resignation letter at the right time can further make it easy for you to ask for the reference or acknowledgment letter. The resignation letter also acts as a document that can be maintained for an official record. If you want to resign in a most formal way, then it is advisable to send such a letter well in advance.

You can send such a letter through an email, postal mail or can hand deliver it. Most people send it one month or two weeks in advance.

Resignation letter – Writing tips

Here are the few resignation letter writing tips:

  • First, prepare the outline of a letter. Make use of the formal language and add the information to the point. You can also add a point that states, you are leaving a job but not an employer.
  • Try to maintain the positive tone throughout the letter. This can allow you to create a good impression even when you are planning to leave a job. Be thankful for your superiors or an employer for providing all the required assistance throughout the job period.
  • It is said that drafting a resignation letter is always the second step. Before that, you should inform the reader about the resignation by making an announcement or via personal meet. A true gentleman will make use of this approach before drafting a resignation letter.
  • Show your humbleness and sincerity, while writing a resignation letter. It is important to maintain the courtesy in your letter, then whether you are sending it personally or via mail.
  • Don’t show your irresponsible behavior by quitting the job as and when required. Informing an employer in advance is essential if you want to maintain your reputation. If you have signed any contract with an employer, then refer to that contract to know about the notice period that you need to serve.
  • Keep your resignation letter simple and focused. It is important for you to mention the post from which you are resigning and the reason that can provide backup to your decision. Also, mention the date of resignation and show the gesture of gratitude towards an employer.
  • If required, you can also praise your employer for providing you with good working opportunities. Don’t narrate big stories in this type of a letter.
  • Understand one thing that the corporate world is always interconnected. You cannot afford to spoil your relations with an employer. So, it is advisable, to make use of the polite tone in your resignation letter. Don’t try to add any kind of the negative, nasty or sarcastic comments.
  • It is not always necessary to provide the reason for resigning. If you think that providing new job details can hamper your aspirations, then don’t provide the reason but this can also make an employer curious to know about the reason. Some people add reasons like relocation or changing career path or stating personal reasons, you can also do the same.

Format of the resignation letter

Letter header

  • Add your name
  • Add your address
  • Add your contact details
  • Add date
  • Add name of the recipient
  • Add recipient designation
  • Add recipient organization name
  • Add recipient address

Letter body

  • Add salutation
  • Add the first paragraph, inform about the resignation
  • Add the second paragraph, give the reason
  • Add the third paragraph, few lines showing some gratitude

Letter closing

  • Add salutation
  • Add your signature
  • Add your first and last name

Things to avoid adding in your job resignation letter

When you are quitting one job, it should not affect your future career opportunities. This is possible when you quit your job in a sensible manner. While moving out, don’t try to burn any bridges. Here are the few things that you can avoid adding in your resignation letter:

  • It is not always necessary to tell your old boss about your new job, until and unless you want to provide a true reason.
  • Never ever say few things that you hated about your old job. Mentioning things that you did not like at the workplace can hamper your relationship with an employer and superiors.
  • Even if your boss is horrible in nature, there is no need to add this point in the resignation letter.
  • Don’t try to add some emotional statements because you are writing a formal resignation letter. Be calm and maintain the professional tone in your letter.
  • Strictly say no to the aggressive and emotional letter.
  • You can express the positive sentiment of gratitude, but that does not mean you will make your letter look emotional.
  • Don’t show the differences that you had with a supervisor or an employer.

Four basic things that should be the part of your resignation letter

By far, you know that you should always keep your resignation letter simple and straightforward. Here are the four basic things, that can be the part of your resignation letter:

  • In the heading, you should add the date when you are submitting the resignation letter.
  • State a formal statement related to the resignation.
  • Add your proposed last working date.
  • Add your signature.


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