What is a Letter of Donation?

Are you planning to give a donation or requesting someone for giving a donation? In both the scenario, you need to write a letter of donation. For instance, you want to donation your property to a charitable trust then you need to write the donation letter by giving your personal details.

There are many charity firms that plan to send a donation letter to a different audience, in order to meet certain social cause. It is important to select the right audience to send such a letter because this can help you to get the more positive response. While sending such a letter, it is important for you to not make use of an overfriendly tone.

Features of the Donation Letter

Is your social cause, effective enough to get a good support? If yes, then don’t hesitate to write the donation letter. It is not always easy to convince the potential donors. Below mentioned are the few features of the donation letter by following which, you can write a good letter:

Address the letter properly

Do you know the name of a person to whom you are writing this letter? If yes, then do mention the name of a person while writing a salutation. It is always better to write, “Dear Mr. X” then writing “Dear Supporter”. This can allow you to add personalize touched to your letter. You can add information related to the donor like name, address, history of donation etc.

Give attention-grabbing start to your letter

How will you grab the attention of a reader in the beginning of a letter? It can be done by:

  • Stating a related story
  • Adding few question
  • Explaining the situation related to charity
  • Giving details about your mission
  • Stating your vision

This can make it easy for the reader, to know the mission behind your charity work.

 Give details about the last donation result

It is important for the reader to know whether their previous donation proved to be useful or not. In your donation letter, let the reader know that their donation previously proved to be very helpful. Before asking for an another donation, it is important to acknowledge the reader for their previous contributions to your charity organization.

Talk about specific program or project

Is your charity organization working on multiple projects? If yes, then it is important for you to mention the detail about a particular project for which you need a donation. There is no point in adding information about all charity projects. Giving details about all projects can confuse the reader. You should state the complete story about a project for which you need a donation.

Be thankful to your donor

If you are writing a donation letter, to a previous donor then it is important to you to be thankful for previous donations. Let the donor know that he or she is important for the contributions made. Mention in the letter that even in future, your charity organization needs his or her assistance to accomplish a particular social cause.

Explain the social cause

If you want the donor to continue with the donations, then provide them the detail information about the social cause.  While explaining the social cause, it is important for you to mentioned details about the needed donation amount. For example, the donation of $50 can serve the needs of a single child related to the food and clothing. Mentioning such intricate details can make it easy for the reader to take decision-related to the donation.

Explain consequences of not receiving the donation

How badly your charity program will get affected if you don’t receive the donation? Give answer to this question in your letter so that reader can easily take the decision related to the donation.

Be thankful to the reader

Whether your reader is your donor or not, it is important for you to be thankful in advance for taking a time to read your donation letter. You can also assume that reader will give the donation and can be thankful to him or her in advance.

Repeat the importance of donation

In the end of the letter, it is important for you to let the reader know the consequences of not acting to the donation letter. Explain the reader in short that their contribution is useful.

Tips to Write a Donation Letter

Select your audience carefully

Before starting with the donation letter, it is essential for you to select your audience carefully. Your target audience should be the people who can successfully contribute to the required amount of donation. You can’t ask for $500 donation to the donor, ranging between $50 to $100.

Write letter in friendly tone

Make your donation letter look friendly because a friendly letter can always to be convincing. Understand the difference between being friendly and over friendly. Don’t think about including technical terms in such a letter. Make your letter readable by using decent language.

Make the letter look reliable

Writing your name and adding the authorized signature is important at the end of the letter to make it look reliable. Make use of real stamps and labels. Labels are considered to be better than peek envelops.

Suggest the donation amount

Don’t feel shy to include the amount of donation in such a letter. Clearly specify the donation amount you need, so that reader can find it easy to take decision related to the donation.

Follow-Up on the Donation Request

Posting a donation letter does not mean that your duty is over. It is important for you to follow-up by making a phone call to the donor. A Phone call can add a personal touch and can make it easy for a donor to know the importance of donation.

Writing a donation letter and making a follow-up can put a great impact on the reader. While making a phone call to the reader, don’t try to get too personal. If required, again provide the detail information related to the donation.


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